I Am.U.C. Outreach for Girls, llc

"Promoting more happier and confident young girls."

"Beauty and Brains"

There is something to be said about a young lady who is beautiful both inside and out!! More importantly, a girl who is intelligent and strives to be successful. Gaining knowledge and being aware of the happenings around the world is very important. Being able to communicate, read, speak intelligently, etc are very important skills to aid with being successful in this world.

The beauty and brains component of (I Am.U.C.) emphasizes the importance of EDUCATION and all it includes!!

Tutorial sessions, writing workshops, reading workshops, book club, poetry club and more are all exciting activities to aid in keeping you in the "know."

"Back to School Girl" Supply Box Giveaway DETAILS

The Beauty and Brains component of (I Am.U.C.) Outreach for Girls, llc will be announcing the winner of our "Back to school Girl" supply box Giveaway.


1. Complete the form below with your school information by by June 28th 2018. Click on the pink button below.

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Please submit your donation using the link below. To enter, we are asking for a $5.00 donation. If you desire to donate more, we will be more than grateful and will use for the functioning of (I Am.U.C.) Outreach for Girls. (workshops, conferences, community service projects, etc.)