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2016 Miss Self-Esteem Pageant

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Please be advised that the Miss Self-Esteem Pageant is participation based only!! This is not a competitive event!!! Fun is intended!! 

Mission Statement

« To empower young girls to accept and embrace their talents and abilities

« To encourage young girls to be confident in who they are and the beauty they possess from the inside- out.

« To celebrate accomplishments (academic, sports, community, etc)

« To encourage and participate in community service in effort to teach girls about being an asset to the community and generous to others.

« To help young girls build enough self-confidence and certainty for self to combat negativity and bad influences they may encounter.

« To empower young girls to make good choices today to make for brighter futures.

« To encourage young girls to embrace their originality and accept their differences among others as positive factors and not for negative.

« To empower young girls to totally love themselves from within so that their beauty will radiate to the world.

About the Miss Self-Esteem Pageant

The Miss Self-Esteem pageant was established in 2010 by Nicole Wofford. I am the founder of (I Am.U.C.) Outreach for Girls, LLC and coordinator of the Miss Self-Esteem Pageant. It was designed as an eventful evening for young girls to utilize a positive forum to express themselves through dynamic talents and more. The Miss Self-Esteem Pageant is NOT your typical pageant. Each young girl is identified as a participant only and not a contestant because the Miss Self-Esteem Pageant is NOT a competition. All girls are equal participants. I believe that we are all here to embrace what we have within ourselves as individuals, celebrate originality and help someone else along the way. The Miss Self-Esteem Pageant allows young girls the opportunity to identify with their own strengths and characteristics in effort to teach young girls to accept who they are instead of trying to be someone else.

The pageant is intended for each participant to enjoy the experience as they take part in fellowship with other awesome young girls, educational workshops, community service, fundraisers and more. I believe that is lady-like for women to encourage, inspire and motivate one another to be the awesome and talented beings we were designed to be.

The primary goal of the Miss Self-Esteem pageant is for each young girl to gain a sense of confidence and love for self to make good decisions in life, speak out (utilize their voice), travel down the right paths, turn against peer pressure, respect self and more. It is primarily for young girls to have fun and they learn the importance of loving themselves more and embracing exactly who they are. It important for these young girls to understand and accept who God designed them to be and be okay showing their true self to their family, friends and society. I am a firm believer that when someone feels better about themselves and gain that true love for self, then they will make better choices that compliment them rather than contrast.




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Get Ready for
The 4th Annual Miss Self-Esteem Pageant!!

2016 Pageant Theme:

April 16, 2016


Coastal Georgia Center



"She sparkle because she was born with GLITTER in her veins"

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